Published: 2019-10-19

Luteal Phase Support in Long Agonist IVF Cycles: A Review

Dr. Aishwarya Kapur, Dr. Shristi Shrivastava

Comparision of Ferric Carboxymaltose Injection with Oral Iron in the Treatment of Postpartum Iron Deficiency Anaemia– A Randomized Controlled Trial

Dr. Amita Suneja, Dr. Sandhya Jain, Dr. Meera Sikka, Dr. Shikha ., Dr. Kiran Guleria, Dr. Astha Srivastava

Enhancing Vaginal Delivery by Alleviating Pain-Our Experience

Dr. Bharti Sahu, Dr. Bhoomika Tantuway, Dr. Nazreen Siddiqui, Dr. Archana Thakur

Post Caesarean Surgical Wound Infection in Obese Patients: An Open Prospective Cohort Study

Dr. Marshalov Dmitrii Vasilyevich, Dr. Efim Munevich Shifman, Dr. Salov Igor Arkadievich, Dr. Aleksei Petrovich Petrenko, Dr. Denis Protsenko, Dr. Alexander Kulikov, Dr. Jyotsna Punj

Cost Effective IVF in a Rural Set-up

Dr. Aditi Parikh, Dr. Purnima K. Nadkarni, Dr. Pooja Singh, Dr. Vaibhav K. Nadkarni, Dr. Aastha Mehta