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Mr. Dilip Kumar Sharma
Dr. Rahul Sharma


Cervical cancer ranks as the second most cause of female cancer deaths in India and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women aged 15 to 44 years in India. About 87% cervical cancer deaths occur in less developed regions. The estimation of new cancer cases, by major states of India, reveals that burden is very high, in those states which are highly populous. Nearly 41.3% of cancers seen in Indian females are accounted by cancer of cervix. Cervical cancer is a huge trouble in most agricultural nations, where it is a significant reason for mortality and morbidity among females. Several factors are attributed to the widespread incidence of cancer, the precise etiology of which remains unclear. Awareness of cancer should be encouraged in its prevention, detection, and treatment. Indian women face a 2.5% cumulative life me risk and 1.4% cumulative death risk from cervical cancer, at any given time. Nearly 6.6% of women in the general popular on are estimated to harbor cervical HPV infection. Early detection and treatment via screening can prevent up to 80% of cervical cancers in developed countries, where efficient screening programs are in place. This article review the current status of cervical cancer in India and the key barriers affecting women’s participation in the cervical screening programme. India has pressing need to foster cervical cancer screening project and local area level endeavors to further develop information about cervical disease and screening programs. This work would assist with saving a huge number of young females and their families from an incredible disaster.

Keyword: Cervical cancer; Barriers; India; Cancer screening.

Published Dec 17, 2022

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