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Dr. Indira Palo
Dr. Tejaswi Mishra
Dr. P Ravi Kumar
Dr. Aishwarya Sahu


Ovarian sex cord stromal tumours are a heterogeneous group of ovarian tumours that constitute only 1.2% of all primary ovarian cancers. Sertoli leydig cell tumour are extremely rare and account for less than 0.2 % of ovarian cancer. The tumour typically produces androgens and clinical virilisation is noted in 70% to 85% of cases. We report a case of 18-year-old unmarried girl who presented to the outpatient department with secondary amenorrhoea for three months. She further complained of hoarseness of voice and abnormal facial hair for eight months. On examination, she was average built with body mass index (BMI) 20.54kg/m2. Hirsutism Ferriman-Gallwey (FG) score was 18 with presence of facial acne. Right oophorectomy was done. On gross examination ovary size was 6cmX4cmX4cm. Cut section of ovary revealed a yellow to orange solid mass with thin ovarian tissue. Histopathology section revealed well differentiated tumour containing tubules composed of Sertoli cells surrounded by stroma filled with leydig cells with impression of Sertoli leydig cell tumour.

Keywords: Androgen; Sertoli leydig cell tumour; Secondary amenorrhoea

Published Dec 17, 2022

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