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Dr. J B Sharma


I am extremely delighted to write the Editor's Desk for this issue of IOG with great pleasure and satisfaction due to smooth functioning of previous issues and great appreciation received by obstetricians and gynecologists, all across India. We expect continuous extensive support to the journal from our readers and as usual, we invite your suggestions and contributions to enrich the journal.

This issue of the journal has published an original study in the Obstetric section. The study conducted by Dr. Sangita Nangia Ajmani and co-authors evaluated the impact of maternal obesity on maternal and foetal outcome.

This issue presents three case reports that can be resourceful and informative to clinicians in practice. The title of the first case report is 'Sirenomelia (Mermaid Syndrome) - A difficult diagnosis!' reported by Dr. Anupama Dave and co-authors. The second case report is 'Management of Caesarean Scar Pregnancy with Laparoscopy under real time Ultrasonography' by Dr. Shefali Tyagi and co-authors. The third case report present the simultaneous occurrence of two important clinical entities viz preeclampsia and peripartum cardiomyopathy, with an overlapping presentation where the diagnosis of the latter might have been missed owing to a similar presentation.

In Obstetric section, we have a review article on impact of nutrition in COVID-19 infected pregnant women by Dr. Neerja Goel and her team.

In gynaecology section, we have three original studies. First study conducted by Dr. Swati Tomar and co-authors is a Burch Colposuspension versus Transobturator Vaginal Tape Procedure for the Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women. The second observational study by Dr. Jayaraman Nambiar M and co-authors concluded that ovarian cyst haptoglobin concentration can be a useful marker of ovarian malignancy. The third study was conducted by Dr. Sahana SM and co-authors to compare the efficacy of outpatient endometrial sampling device(Pipelle) with D&C with respect to sample adequacy and diagnostic accuracy.

We have two case reports in the gynaecology section. The first case report presented by Dr. Shiralee Runwal and Dr. Sudha Karnawat is 'A rare case of Herlyn-Werner-Wunderlich Syndrome: How, When & Why'. Dr. Niket H. Patel and co-authors from Gujarat report a case of a patient whose multiple fibroids were removed using myomectomy, after which she underwent a successful IVF procedure.

We urge researchers to submit high quality manuscript to the IOG portraying their original clinical research findings and robust literature review that are of current clinical interest, report novel diagnostic paradigm or sum up their treatment encounters to make IOG arrive at greater height.

Happy reading!

Dr J B Sharma


Published Jan 10, 2022

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