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Dr. Vikas Yadav
Dr. Jai Bhagwan Sharma


Tuberculosis (TB) in pregnancy affects the pregnant women both physically and mentally. About one third of the world population is infected with tubercle bacilli. India accounts for around 30% of the global burden of disease. TB in pregnancy is associated with increased chances of abortions, preterm labour, foetal prematurity, low birth weight babies, pre-eclampsia and postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). Early initiation of anti-tuberculous treatment (ATT) will reduce the obstetric morbidity.

Diagnosis of TB in pregnancy is more challenging due to masking of symptoms due to physiological response in pregnancy. Management of TB cases in pregnancy are in the context of Revised National Tuberculosis Programme (RNTCP) and the adoption of Directly observed treatment short-course (DOTS).

Keywords: Tuberculosis; Pregnancy; Obstetric morbidity; Tubercle bacilli; DOTS

Published Nov 13, 2020

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