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Dr J B Sharma


I am pleased to inscribe the Editor's Desk for the present issue of IOG with great complacency due to efficient functioning of last issues and successful culmination of the IOG Dr. Stya Paul Awards 2019. The oration lecture, at the IOG Dr. Stya Paul Awards ceremony, on 'Generative Soil for a Fertile Seed' was delivered by Dr. Hugh Taylor, Anita O' Keefe Young Professor of Women's Health and chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Science, at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Taylor is past president of the Society for Reproductive Investigation and will be president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in 2021.

This issue of the journal has published three original studies in the Obstetric section. First study conducted by Dr. Mini Mohan and Dr. Madhusree compared the efficacy of Foley's catheter and misoprostol intravaginally for induction of labour at Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Vidhyanagar, Hyderabad. Second study is a retrospective analysis by Dr. Pavika Lal and co-authors. The study estimated the incidence, risk factors, indications and complications of peripartum hysterectomy. There is one study by a research group headed by Dr. Rekha Jain from Delhi which evaluated the usefulness of glycosylated hemoglobin as a screening method for GDM in ï¬rst trimester of pregnancy. There are two interesting rare case reports. The ï¬rst case report is of gliosarcoma in a pregnant woman by Dr. Anupama Dave and co-authors. The second case report is of ruptured cerebral aneurysm in second trimester of pregnancy by Dr. Alpana Singh and co-authors.

In gynaecology section, we have an observational study by Dr. Aswathy Kumaran and Dr. Pratap Kumar that assessed the pregnancy rate with micronized clomifene citrate stimulated IUI in unexplained infertility cases. Dr. Sanchita Karmakar evaluated the efficacy and safety of ulipristal acetate for the treatment of ï¬broids. Dr. Parul Sharma and co-authors presented a case report on spontaneous distal tubal pregnancy post bilateral tubal sterilization. There are two review articles. The ï¬rst review article is on centchroman, oral contraceptive pill, by Dr. Kavita Agarwal and Dr. Rupali Dewan. Dr. Mahesh Gupta and co-authors reviewed the properties, clinical performance and safety proï¬le of catgut in diverse surgical ï¬elds.

We encourage researchers to submit high quality manuscript to the IOG describing their original clinical research ï¬ndings and robust literature review that are of current clinical interest, report novel diagnostic paradigms or summarize their treatment experiences to make IOG Journal reach to greater heights.

Dr J B Sharma


Published May 22, 2020

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