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Dr J B Sharma


I am pleased to write the Editor's Desk for the current issue of IOG with great contentment due to efficient functioning of previous issues and tremendous recognition received by obstetricians and gynaecologists, all across India. We expect continuous extensive support to the journal from our readers and we invite your suggestions and contributions to enrich the journal.

This issue of the journal has published five original studies in the Obstetric section. First study conducted by Dr. Shouvik Das and co-authors studied the association between maternal vitamin D deficiency and preeclampsia. Second study is a randomized clinical trial conducted at GTB Hospital by Dr. Amita Suneja and co-authors. This study compared the efficacy and safety of ferric carboxymaltose with oral iron in cases of postpartum iron deficiency anaemia. Third study is published by Dr. Bharti Sahu and co-authors from Jabalpur that concluded injection tramadol a safe and effective analgesic for nulliparous women. There is one study by a research group from Russia which aimed to determine if wound infection in obese primigravida is related to intra-abdominal pressure. Dr. Neena Somani and Dr. Neena Agrawal from Indore studied the outcome of pregnancy with mechanical prosthetic valves in 24 cases.

In gynaecology section, we have an original study on 'Cost Effective IVF in a Rural Set-up' by Dr. Aditi Parikh and co- authors from Indore. This study is extremely helpful for the ART practitioners to address the cost issue with IVF procedures for low income group and fulfilling their unmet need of having a baby. We have an interesting case report on 'Carcinoma of Prolapsed Cervix – An Infrequent Association: Case Report and a Brief Review of the Literature' by Dr. Jaharlal Baidya and co-authors from Agartala. Another case report is on 'Primary Burkitts Lymphoma of Ovary: A Rare Ovarian Mass' by Dr. Anupriya Narain and co-authors from Delhi. Dr. Pragya Khugsal and Dr. Divya Goswami from Dehradun have contributed an interesting case 'Ovarian Teratoma with Cutaneous Fistulization after Attempted Laparoscopic Removal: Rare Presentation'. There is a review article on, 'Luteal Phase Support in Long Agonist IVF Cycles: A Review' by Dr. Aishwarya Kapur and Dr. Shristi Shrivastava from Mumbai for our esteemed readers. The article highlights latest clinical evidence on various agents available for Luteal Phase Support.

We encourage researchers to submit high quality manuscript to the IOG describing their original clinical research findings and robust literature review that are of current clinical interest, report novel diagnostic paradigm or summarize their treatment experiences to make IOG reach on greater heights.

Dr J B Sharma


Published Oct 17, 2019

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