Primary Burkitts Lymphoma of Ovary: A Rare Ovarian Mass

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Dr. Anupriya Narain
Dr. B Sarkar
Dr. M Bharadwaj


Non Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) of ovary is a rare disease. Amongst NHL, Burkitt's Lymphoma is a still rarer phenomenon. We report a case of Burkitt's Lymphoma of ovary in a 16 year old girl with unilateral ovarian mass which was managed with staging laparotomy with right salpingooopherectomy. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis of Burkitt's lymphoma of ovary. We report this case to emphasize the importance of considering this as a differential diagnosis in the light of appropriate clinical and radiological evidences.

Keywords: Ovarian mass; Unilateral; NHL; Burkitt's; Lymphoma

Published Oct 17, 2019

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