Carcinoma of Prolapsed Cervix – An Infrequent Association: Case Report and a Brief Review of the Literature

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Dr. Jahar Lal Baidya
Dr. Jayanta Ray
Dr. Partha Sutradhar


A 72 years old postmenopausal frail woman presented with a huge irreducible genital prolapse diagnosed to have poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma stage II a. She had completed her treatment for adenocarcinoma of rectum three years ago. Successful treatment comprised of less invasive vaginal hysterectomy with near total colpectomy, sequential application of complete radiotherapy. Five-year follow-up documented disease free state of patient. The patients with neglected genital prolapse and carcinoma cervix, especially those are not fit for advanced and extensive surgery may be suitable for less extensive hysterocolpectomy followed by radiotherapy

Keywords: Genital prolapse; Cervical carcinoma; Irreducible prolapse; Squamous cell carcinoma

Published Oct 17, 2019

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