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Dr. Rekha Yadav
Dr. Suman Lata Mendiratta
Dr. Rajni Mittal
Dr. Rajiv Ranjan


Background: Preeclampsia is a pregnancy specific hypertensive disease with multisystem involvement. In preeclampsia due to hypoxia and a lot of cellular death in various organ systems there is release of LDH in plasma. Rise in serum LDH level can be used to assess the extent of cellular death and thereby the severity of disease. This study was conducted to assess the correlation of severity of preeclampsia with the rising level of serum LDH.

Materials and Methods: It was a hospital based prospective observational study conducted at NDMC and Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi. Total 240 women were recruited in study from June 2016 to April 2018 after screening for inclusion and exclusion criteria. This population was divided in two groups: Group 1 had 120 normotensive pregnant women and Group 2 had 120 pregnant women with preeclampsia. Serum LDH was measured in fully automated biochemical analyzer.

These patients were further divided according to serum LDH levels. The study population was followed until delivery and early postpartum period. Statistical testing was conducted with the statistical package for the social science software version SPSS 20.0.

Result: In our study serum LDH level was significantly raised in patients having preeclampsia as compared to normotensive controls and its level increased with the increasing severity of preeclampsia.

Conclusion: Rise in serum LDH can be used to assess the extent of cellular death and there by severity of disease.

Keywords: Preeclampsia; Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH); Hypertension

Published Aug 6, 2019

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