Awareness of Rubella and its Vaccination in Unmarried College Girls

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Dr. Nishi Garg
Dr. Seema Grover


Background: Rubella is worldwide in distribution. Rubella infection has special significance in a country like India. Its significance lies in its extensive teratogenic potential when it is transmitted to the foetus from the pregnant mother. About one third countries in the world still lack rubella vaccination programme, so the virus remains prevalent in many developing nations including India.

Objective: The present study was carried out to study awareness of Rubella and its vaccination in adolescent girls of different schools and colleges. This was compared with the knowledge of other vaccinations and diseases.

Materials and Methods: We conducted this study among 1000 girls of schools, nursing colleges, medical and dental colleges of Faridkot District.

Results: The study revealed that though the awareness about rubella was high (94.1%) vaccination coverage was only 42.1%. The commonest reasons quoted for non-vaccination were related to their non-seriousness about the issue. Sources of information for rubella vaccination were gynaecologist/ doctor (62.3%) or medical books or literature (36.5%) and not any mass media.

Conclusion: The study delineates the difference in the knowledge of rubella and vaccination status in medical professionals. The study shows that the awareness alone cannot influence the attitude of the people but there is a need of better strategies.

Keywords: Rubella vaccine; Medical students; Medical professionals; Awareness; Vaccination status

Published Apr 2, 2019

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