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J.B. Sharma


I am extremely delighted to write the Editor’s Desk for this issue of IOG with great pleasure and satisfaction because of great appreciation of previous issues by the obstetricians and gynaecologists all across India.

I feel extremely happy to present this new issue to our esteemed readers. I thank authors and members for the strong support. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on what we are doing well and what we can do better.

This issue presents two original studies related to preeclampsia (PE) from Delhi. The first case control study by Dr. Uma and co-authors evaluated the role of RBP4 in the pathophysiology of PE in Indian population . The researchers concluded that it is too early to comment upon the role of maternal RBP4 in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia and its clinical outcome. The second study by Dr. Shivani Agarwal and co-authors aimed to observe the serial changes in various platelet indices during the course of normal pregnancy and hypertensive pregnancies.

One important original study conducted for a period of eight years is presented in the issue.  The study was done by Dr. Beenu Kushwah and  Dr. Vrinda Vinod Loyalka. The authors evaluated the effect of emergency transport services on maternal and neonatal health. The authors also discussed two national health programmes Janani Surkhsha Yojana and Janani Express Yojana which should be known to all of us.

We have an original study ’Ultrasonographic assessment of PPIUCD Placemment it affect the Clinical Outcome?’ by Dr. Mohita Agarwal and co-authors from Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra. This study was conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of PPIUCD insertion in women delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

We have a very interesting review article ’Natural Micronized Progesterone: New Vistas’ by Dr. Surveen Ghumman and Dr. Pinkee Saxena from New Delhi for our esteemed readers. The authors reviewed the topic in depth and presented the results of all recent global clinical trials.

There are two concise clinically relevant review articles, ’Surgical Site Infection Prevention’ by Dr. Syed Nawaz Ahmad and Dr. Richa Aggarwal, and ’Ultra-Microvesico-Vaginal Fistulas (VVFS): A Brief Review’ by Dr. Malika Singh and co-authors.

The issue presents three case reports that are very useful and informative to practitioners in their clinical practice. The first case report is of a female presenting with hemodynamic instability in early pregnancy. The case was diagnosed of hyperstimulated ovaries with ruptured hemorrhagic cysts leading to hemoperitoneum. The second case report is of 30 year old female who presented with primary infertility and diagnosed as suffering from primary clear cell adenocarcinoma of cervix without history of in-utero DES exposure.  The third case is of broad ligament lipoma in postmenopausal women that was removed laparoscopically.

We encourage researchers to submit high quality manuscript to the IOG Journal describing their original clinical research findings and robust literature review that are of current academic interest, report novel diagnostic paradigm or summarize their treatment experiences to improve the quality of IOG further.

Dr J B SharmaEditor-in-Chief
Published Jul 12, 2018

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