Emerging Trends of Diosmin Treatment in Haemorrhoids during Pregnancy: A Review

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Dr. Kamal Buckshee
Dr. Arun Prashant Baxla


Abstract: Pregnancy is the most common cause of symptomatic haemorrhoids during the third trimester of pregnancy, due to exacerbation or recurrence of previous haemorrhoids. The question arises, should they be treated during pregnancy and if so, how should they be treated, because if left untreated they may result in unwanted complications. The prime objective of the drug therapy is to control the acute phase. Thus treatment is essential, but while treating haemorrhoids during pregnancy, safety of the mother, fetus and the new born is crucial. Hence selection and administration of a suitable therapeu-tic agent to relieve symptoms, prevent complications, relapses and to improve the quality of life of pregnant women becomes important. Diosmin being a potent phlebo-tonic agent, having significant beneficial effect on pain, bleeding and overall improve-ment in symptoms of haemorrhoids, appears to be a good option. Safety, efficacy and acceptability of diosmin in the treatment of haemorrhoids during pregnancy will be reviewed and discussed.

Keywords: Bioflavonoids; Diosmin; Pregnancy; Haemorrhoids

Published Apr 13, 2018

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