Pseudo- Broad Ligament Angiolipoleiomyoma Mimicking Ovarian Torsion - A Rare Case Report

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Dr. Shalini Shakarwal
Dr. Swati Agrawal
Dr. Kanika Chopra
Dr. Chitra Raghunandan



We report a rare case of pseudo-broad ligament angiolipoleiomyoma mimicking torsion of ovarian tumour as per clinical and radiological findings. A 28-years-old female P2L2 presented in emergency department with complaints of lower abdominal pain and spoting since two days. She had history of amenorrhoea since four months. Abdominal examination revealed a 14 weeks pelvic mass, so to firm in consistency, tender and with restricted mobility. On per vaginum examination, uterus was normal in size and deviated to the right side. A cystic, tender, smooth mass of variegated consistency of size 10x 10cm was felt through leti fornix deviating the uterus to the other side .On ultrasonography (USG), left sided echogenic mass with multiple cysts of size 14 x10 cm, with peripheral vascularity was detected. A provisional diagnosis of ovarian mass with torsion was made and patient was taken up for emergency laparotomy. Intraoperatively an exophytic mass approx. 9x9 cm in size was seen arising from left wall of uterus. The mass was enucleated and removed. Cut section showed presence of fat lobules with areas of haemorrhage in the mass. On histopathological examination, a diagnosis of angiolipoleiomyoma of uterus was made. We report this case because of its rarity and diagnostic difficulty.

Keywords: Angiolipoleiomyoma; Broad ligament; Ovarian torsion; Ultrasonography

Published Jan 5, 2018

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