Invasive Mole of the Uterus - Case Report

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Dr. Anita Assudani
Dr. Nupur Assudani



Invasive mole is a tumorous growth associated with pregnancy and falls under the realm of gestational trophoblastic disease. Due to their aggressive growth characteristics, invasive moles are considered locally invasive non-metastasizing neoplasms. Invasive mole, if not diagnosed and treated early and appropriately, can result in serious complications like uterine perforation and haemoperitoneum. We present a rare case of an invasive mole of the uterus, which was earlier diagnosed as a molar pregnancy. Even after the evacuation of the molar pregnancy, the bleeding continued. It was then diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound and color Doppler, and successfully treated by hysterectomy.

Keywords: Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, Complete Hydatiform Mole, Invasive Mole, Chemotherapy, Color Doppler Ultrasound.

Published Oct 22, 2016

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