Clinical, Radiological and Pathological Correlation of Omental Extra - Ovarian Peritoneal Serous Papillary Carcinoma (EPSPC) - A Case Report

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Dr. Bhushan M Warpe
Dr. Shweta S Joshi



A previously healthy 67-year-old Indian female came with complaints of abdominal pain, abdominal lump, loss of appetite and weight loss. She had no bowel/bladder complaints. On upper gastroduodenoscopy (UGD) she was diagnosed with antral gastritis with known family history of the same. Her physical examination revealed palpable abdominal lump with abdominal distension and ascites. Laboratory investigations revealed no abnormality except for markedly elevated CA-125 levels and normal carcino embryonic antigen (CEA) levels. USG/CT abdomen and pelvis revealed omental caking. Ascitic fluid cytology and CT-guided FNAC of omental deposits were positive for epithelial malignancy. During explorative laparotomy, the visual inspection revealed unremarkable colon/ovaries and atrophic uterus. In frozen section, both the ovaries were normal and the omental mass was a carcinoma. Partial omentectomy was done involving the omental masses with consented hysterectomy with bilateral salphingooophorectomy. Grossly, the formalin-fixed omental tissue showed firm, nodular mass with papillary projections.

Published Aug 16, 2016

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