An Atypical Aggressive Presentation of a Malignant Endodermal Sinus Tumour in a Young Girl - A Case Report

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Dr. Sangeeta Rai
Dr. Shreya Thapa
Dr. Royana Singh
Dr. Shashikant Patne



Malignant ovarian germ cell tumours (OGCT) comprise only 2-5% of all ovarian malignant cancers. Endodermal sinus tumour (Yolk sac tumour-YST) is the second most common malignant germ cell tumour of the ovary after dysgerminoma and comprises approximately 20-25% of malignant germ cell tumours and 2 - 5% of all the ovarian malignancies. YST is almost always unilateral and large. YST are highly aggressive and because of the early metastatic or invasive behaviour, their prognosis has been poor. Here, we report a case of endodermal sinus tumour in a 19-year-old girl with lower abdominal pain for one month. A pelvic mass was found and being investigated but emergency laparotomy was performed for severe acute abdominal pain. An intraoperative diagnosis of Stage IIIC ovarian tumour with bilaterality and intraperitoneal rupture was made. She required extensive debulking surgery, later confirmed as yolk sac tumour.

Keywords: Yolk sac tumour, endodermal sinus tumour, ovarian germ cell tumour

Published Aug 16, 2016

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