Twin Pregnancy with Single Foetal Demise - Two Case Reports

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Dr. Madhu Jain
Dr. Gayatri Satpathy



Background: Twin pregnancy with single foetal demise is a rare condition with multiple maternal, foetal and unknown causes with significant maternal morbidity and high perinatal mortality and morbidity. The incidence of twin pregnancies is rising due to ovulation inducing drugs and ART.

Cases: Two patients were studied with twin pregnancies with single foetal demise; one foetal demise was in the early second trimester and the other in the third trimester. Both were conservatively managed till 37 weeks with continuous maternal and foetal surveillance leading to healthy surviving twin at the end of the pregnancies. A multidisciplinary approach, counselling, emotional support, and intensive foetal surveillance are mandatory.

Keywords: Twin Pregnancy, Foetal Demise, Foetal Surveillance

Published Aug 16, 2016

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