Study of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Pregnancy and its Impact on the Maternal and Foetal Outcome

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Dr. Anupama Dave
Dr. Monica Verma
Dr. Neelam Jain
Dr. Atisha Dave



Vitamin B12 deficiency in reproductive age of women poses a vast impact on their obstetric profile. This deficiency is frequently found but not sought for in our patients routinely. The simple test of measurement of these levels can prevent many untoward complications. Mainly belonging to a strictly vegetarian diet in our culture and practices, this deficiency is only seen as a tip of an iceberg. Our study aims at the detection of its deficiency and provides a guideline to take care of antenatal patients. We have measured the levels of vitamin B12 and its impact on pregnancy it's maternal and foetal outcomes and presence of complications.

Keywords: Vitamin B12, Diet, Pregnancy, Supplements.

Published Aug 16, 2016

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