Successful pregnancy outcome in sickle cell disease – a case report

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Dr. Mishra V V
Dr. Agarwal R
Dr. Sharma U
Dr. Choudhary S
Dr. Aggarwal R



Till date, very little is known about the management of pregnancy in sickle cell disease (SCD). Pregnancy with sickle cell disease is associated with many complications. A 26- year-old female gravid 3 para2 with no previous live issues, a known case of sickle cell disease, with history of two early neonatal demise, presented with anaemia for which she received blood transfusion. Elective caesarean was done at 36 completed weeks. Postoperative period was unremarkable. Infection and anaemia are the major complications in a patient with sickle cell disease with pregnancy. Providing pregnant SCD patients with relevant medical and antenatal care can have a positive impact on SCD-associated morbidity and mortality. Such patients should be managed at tertiary care hospital by multidisciplinary approach.

Keywords: Sickle Cell Disease, Cesarean, Tertiary Care

Published Dec 31, 2015

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