Awareness of emergency contraception among women coming for induced abortion

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Dr. Mendiratta Suman Lata
Dr. Grover Neelu
Dr. Madaan Sonia
Dr. Popli Sangeeta
Dr. Bajpai Vineeta
Dr. Amita



Objectives: To survey the knowledge, awareness, attitude & perception of Emergency contraception (EC) among women coming for induced abortion in Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi.

Methods: A study was carried out over a period of one year in 100 women attending the Family Welfare Department, Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi for an induced abortion. Data was collected on a predesigned questionnaire regarding awareness of emergency contraception and other current contraceptive practices.

Results: Seventy percent of the women under study were from urban population. Only 16% were using regular contraception. Condoms were the most popular contraceptive (55% users). Ten percent were aware of emergency contraception but none of them had ever used it. Electronic media like television/radio were the major source of information in 58% of subjects in our study.

Conclusions: Knowledge and awareness of Emergency Contraception (EC) is very poor among general public in India because EC is underpublicized and underused. Generating awareness regarding timely and appropriate use of EC is the need of hour to avoid unintended pregnancies and abortions. Public awareness methods need to be devised so that EC is widely publicized and used as a back up to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Keywords: Emergency contraception, Post coital contraception, Abortion, Awareness

Published Dec 31, 2015

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