Editor Note

J.B. Sharma


I am extremely delighted to write the Editor’s Desk for this issue of IOG with great pleasure and satisfaction because of great appreciation of previous issues by the obstetricians and gynaecologists all across India.

I feel extremely happy to present this new issue to our esteemed readers. I thank authors and members for the strong support. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on what we are doing well and what we can do better.

We have an original study in obstetric section on ’Transabdominal Cerclage and Perinatal Outcomes —A Five Years Retrospective Study’ conducted at Me & Mummy Hospital, Surat by Dr. Praful Doshi and co-authors, for the interest of our esteemed readers. The authors concluded that transabdominal cerclage in selective cases is a safe and effective procedure resulting in favourable obstetric and neonatal outcomes in women with poor obstetric history due to cervical incompetence.

We have interesting case report on ’Sirenomelia with Tracheoesophageal Fistula’ by Dr. Nina Mishra and Dr. Priti Singh.Dr. Aradhana Kalra and co-authors from Surat have contributed an interesting case series on ’Successful Conception and Delivery in Three Cases of Swyer  Syndrome’. The authors discussed the line of management of Swyer  Syndrome which will be helpful to clinicians in management of such cases.

There is a review article, ’Zika virus and pregnancy’ by Dr. P Reddi Rani and Dr. L. Ashwini Vishalakshi from Pondicherry. This review article intends to discuss the prevention and control strategies such as avoiding travel to infected area, being careful from mosquito bites, take precautions to reduce the risk of sexual transmission, and seek medical care for any acute illness with rash or fever. This will be very useful for our esteemed readers.

In gynaecology, we have an original study ’Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain’ by Dr. Mohini Paul and co-authors from Kasturba Hospital, Delhi. The study emphasises that Laparoscopy is the diagnostic modality of choice for evaluation of patients with chronic pelvic pain.

Dr. Krishna Dahiya and co-authors from Rohtak have contributed an interesting case report on ’A Hydatidiform Mole in A Postmenopausal Woman’. The readers will find the case report very useful and informative in their practice.

We have interesting case report, “Intractable Postoperative Shock due to Unsuspected Corticosteroid Use in Recent Past: A Rare Medical Crisis’ by Dr. Indu Chawla and co-authors from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi. The authors want the practitioner to timely recognize patient with adrenal insufficiency and proper treatment can avert this life threatening condition.

We have a very interesting review article ’Primary Dysmenorrhoea’ by Dr. Nilanchali Singh and Dr. Swati Rai from New Delhi for our esteemed readers. The authors reviewed the Primary Dysmenorrhoea topic in a concise manner covering the risk factors, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment which should be useful for the esteemed readers in their day to day practice.

We encourage researchers to submit high quality manuscript to the IOG describing their original clinical research findings and robust literature review that are of current academic interest, report novel diagnostic paradigm or summarize their treatment experiences to improve the quality of IOG further.